Monday, February 08, 2010

AC 33: Finally, Put up or Shut up

Racing was supposed to begin this morning, but has been abandoned due to unstable wind. Now race #1 will be on Wednesday 10:00 Valencia time. All the legal hoo-haa had me tuned out of the event until literally this morning. There is no televised action for us in Montreal. However, there are three live video feeds we can watch online. I downloaded the free player without issue.

The AC website
BMW Oracle Racing
Boats on TV

From initial poking around, the BMW coverage seemed to be the most complete and smoothest online. However, I was still yawning and consuming my first cuppa joe very early this morning. Surf about. You can also get live tweets with the quickest live texting of conditions and racing at the official Twitter AC  feed.

I have no idea who really has an edge, and haven't followed very closely. It's still more fun to follow the racers we actually compete with in Montreal, because we're all in the fleets. Amazing though, the boats were doing about 22 knots boatspeed in very little wind pre-race. That makes me wonder how much the wind can build before they start to break apart. The hard wing sported by USA looks pretty rad. Hopefully, we see who's got go, and who's got show on Wednesday.