Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AC Regatta postponed again. Feed them to the Sharks

Ho hum, the America's Cup racing was postponed for yet another two days. Monday, they didn't have enough wind throughout the 20 miles to the windward mark, and it was shifting considerably. Today, they may have had too much wind. I couldn't be bothered to click again to find out. Maybe Friday. Sigh...

It's tough having to depend on this obscenely monied AC lot for entertainment. Wait we must, till spring and own sailing season begins. Oh, how much more exciting to actually be racing in our own plebeian fleets, such as the Sharks here. Lots of boats, intense mark roundings, real action. Yes, we were there, in the thick of it! Blizzards of boats that is, not snowstorms. Well okay, not exactly in the midst of it. We were quite a bit further back, but we had high drama in mark roundings too. We were part of the fun and glory for all. In our case, a Shark World Championship. Just last August, it was a highpoint of our racing fun. A good number of Montreal sailors were there, and fared very respectably. The point is, you, me, all of us would rather be sailing.

What a colossal amount of money being wasted on the America's Cup right now. It is just a pretty poor bargain. Imagine making that kind of investment, and not even being able to race for a week. When, they finally do, it isn't likely that they will have tight, intense racing as in the battles going on in our own everyday regattas. The two mammoth boats that will eventually race this year's America's Cup will probably be miles apart most of the time. They may not even be able to see each other on the race course. BORING! Well, perhaps boring is too strong a sentiment. I will be watching, just like many of you. Really though, part of the attraction is the spectacle, the excess, the incredible indulgence of it all. For real fun, partaking in our own working class racing is far superior. As the ubiquitous slogan goes, "Just do it".

Bob Barratt took that exciting photo.