Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking News Post - AC 33

Historical Archive Photo

As the years go by, here are the likely breaking news headlines of the future in the Scuttlebutt newsletter:

  • Scuttlebutt Editor Announces New Format to Replace Outmoded Twitter and Email. Breaking News to be Delivered to the Built-in Screens of i-glasses popularized by Jimmy Spithill and Apple
  • Russell Coutts Announces New One-Design RC44 with Hardwing
  • Julian Bethwaite's Great-grandson to Propose Hardwing Moth as Replacement for the Outdated, Slow 49er in a new Olympic Class. Purists Protest Amid Confusion over Aircraft and Sailing vessels
  • Larry Ellison buys North and J Boats, Merging Them to Market Revolutionary Hardwing Racing Yachts
  • Traditional Sailmakers and Yacht Builders of Pre-Hardwing Era Open the Old Boat School
  • Talks Rumoured of a Quantum and Melges Alliance
  • Melges Announces the Q, an Affordable Hardwing Scow. Praised for Affordable Inland Sailing 
  • Mega production Loft in China Reports Upswing in sales of Tanbark-coloured Hardwings as Tradtionalists Try and Capture Nostalgic Bygone Era
  • Airbus buys Beneteau and confirms intentions to realize new line up of moderately-priced, dual-purpose sailboat/aircraft
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