Monday, September 24, 2007

Who could reach the pinnacle of Montreal Sailing?

Here's some excellent thoughts on a Montreal Sailing championship penned by Dan McDonough. The pic on the left is of Cape Cod Frosty sailing in Nantucket. It would be Dan's boat of choice! Having had the honour of being washed out behind George's dirty air, I definitely concur with his contender nomination. Any more nominations out there?

Hi Ralph,
I just read your blog and I think it's a great idea. Personally, I think George Stedman and crew should be on the list. He continues to blow everyone away and makes it look effortless (although I'm sure you knew that already!). I don't think judging is fair, and voting can be biased based on popularity of the sailor. I think it should be in single handed boats (so you can't blame the crew!) and on a boat that no one is good at sailing... like Frosties! This could make for a fun and most interesting showdown between the best on the lake!

Just my two cents!

Dan McDonough
Shark #28, Kaos