Monday, September 10, 2007

Hudson Labour Day Regatta

Thanks to Guylaine Bossé for the photo. she was crewing on Keith Grassie's Tanzer 26, and snapped us in the final run towards the finish. Since we were competing, they didn't mention the genoa sheet in the water. In front of me, left to right, I was privileged to sail with David Bowen, June Beverly, and Lin Jones.

The results for the Long Distance Race at Hudson on September 1st have been posted. 99 boats sailed this year through very difficult light winds. It was the most shifty conditions ever with puffs and holes everywhere. Boats sailing near each other were sometimes on very different angles and speeds. It seemed like the boats that I noticed making the best progress (like Toby Bryant in the bright orange "Ketchup", which is easy to spot) were ones that managed to get over towards Oka beach early. They were a mile ahead before long. The left side going through the bays gave huge lifts, but it still didn't pay as well in the winds which were roughly from the north. It seemed like we were tacking every minute in huge shifts from the wide part (Lake of 2 Mountains) of the river, through the bay, into the narrow part of the Ottawa river, and right up to the Hudson Yacht club. Once past the club, the winds were more of a consistent velocity and shifted less. As always, people hit or get stuck atop a rock. This year, I felt pain for a Star perched up high in the bay where CNDM is situated. It was exactly the spot I had been years before. Here are some notable first finishes amongst the classes that had numerous boats.

  • Luc Gloutney, Etchells, overall and class 1st.
  • D. Godin, Niagara 26
  • L.Grant, J24
  • Toby Bryant, Shark
  • Phil Wilcox, Tanzer 22
  • Art de Vries, Mirage 24
Hearty congratulations to Luc Gloutney and crew who have worked hard to get to the top, very deserving! The largest class on the water was by far the Tanzer 22 with 29 entries. It is fun to see all the different boats people cruise and race with. I find myself competing primarily with boats in my own class (T22) as it is numerous, and I know how we are doing boat for boat. We finished 8th out of the 29 which is the best showing ever for Ambitious in this race. As usual, the Hudson Yacht Club is to be commended for hosting a wonderful event, and a great dinner and party post race. A lot of people find the best times of the season includes the rafting up in the harbour, and cockpit hopping for parties!

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