Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Best Montreal Sailor? Top Contenders from LDM

I asked Pierre Marois who I believe is one of Montreal's best sailors, and a true contender for Top Gun, who he would nominate for a Montreal Sailing Championship. His nominee, Ron Harris, sails the boat drawn at left, a J22.

Hi Ralph,

Good question!!!

I don't consider myself a top sailor on the LDM. There are some very good sailors who don't race regularly on Wednesday nights and don't get the recognition they deserve. Alan Gray who sails the Etchells "Slim" from HYC is often on the road to big championship (North Americans, New-England's, Great-Lakes...). He's a very good sailor and has won the Labour Day race many times.

Brian Bowser from HYC is another good example. He races his Grampian 22 once or twice a year (with good results), but he used to race J24 (Heroes and Villains) at national level and he is still a great sailor.

Ron Harris also used to race J24 (Jack) at national level and now cleans up the LDM PHRF 1-B class with his J22 "Jazz". He is the 2006 Club champion at HYC.

At CNDM, Will Hendershot and Alain Vranderick are top sailors. Daniel St-Onge who races his Niagara 26 "Kif-Kif" in PHRF 2 is also hard to beat in his class. Too bad we don't race together more often.

As for CVL racers, I think we are strong in the Tanzer 22 class; Coquine (Marois-Rousseau), Turbo (Delhaes), Tohu Bohu(Ouellet) and are good competition in the PHRF 1-A class with our J29 Perceval (Robitaille-Thiffault).

Personnaly, Ron Harris would get my vote as top LDM sailor. He won many races by big margins on handicap and finished often in front of all the J24 with his J22! Congratulations should also go to his very good young crew.

Pierre Marois