Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Screwball Results

19 boats registered for the Fireball 2007 Screwball Regatta, the best numbers in my recent memory. That is tremendous to see such a revival in dinghy racing! Congratulations to the organizers. Click the title for full results and then click Screwball in the left column. Below are the top ten.

  1. P.Crump/A.Davies
  2. D.Kirkby/R. Levy
  3. G.Lamont/P.Kelly
  4. G.Stedman/N.Mocchiutti
  5. J.Jospe/T.Egli
  6. R.Thompson/Francis
  7. E.Owston/P.Lawee
  8. P.Carpentier/T.Bird
  9. M.McEvoy/J.Kennedy
  10. O.Blanc/D.Johnston