Monday, September 18, 2006


The Fireball sailors have just completed their Screwball Regatta at PCYC. 16 boats were in attendance. This regatta was part of a series this year put on by Ottawa and Montreal sailors. For 2006, the top prize goes to Joe Jospe and Tom Egli. They were in fourth place at the end of the first day, even though they took a bullet in one race, and did well in the others too. That placing was taking into account the drop of a 10th place. Then, on the second day, they placed 4th in the first race, then took command of the regatta with two bullets to top off their weekend.

Rob Levy and Phil Lawee had the same number of bullets as the victors but had to settle with second overall. Jospe and Levy are highly competitive and often very close in their finishes. Usually, these two are at the top of the Fireball fleet. Another duo that had a superb regatta were the sailors third overall, Eric Owston and Joe Grant. They took one first place and three second positions, for a powerful showing.

It looks like the Fireball fleet in Montreal are continuing to defy the dismal state of dinghy racing in the area. This class continues to host high performance sailing. It is indeed the only small centreboarder with crews in the trapeze that offers regular racing.