Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hudson Annual Regatta ongoing

HYC's Annual Regatta had its ever popular long distance PHRF race yesterday. It was a downwind start for the 103 boats which made for a pretty exciting blast off. To make things even more interesting the wind shifted and a lot of us suddenly had to flip onto port tack on the line! The wind had favoured the committee boat which suddenly changed and the pin starters got a big advantage with favoured wind, and nice clean undisturbed wind too. Even more importantly the course was about a 10th of a nautical mile shorter from that end of the typically long line. A shrewd Tanzer 22 crew from Halifax had laid a waypoint when leaving the club, and thus had the knowledge on the start line. Most of the days winners started nearer the pin.

Big winners were Pierre Jasmin in his Etchells, Tof Nicholl-Griffith in his Shark, and Ron Harris in the J22. Patrice Delhaies was winner of the Tanzer Quebec Championship with the first T22 over. He just nipped over the line ahead and to leeward of Derek Prest and his T22 crew from Grand Lake, Nova Scotia.

Racing continues for two more days, and the Tanzer 22s have their North American Championship this year during the HYC regatta. Wind today is forecast to be 20-30 knots.