Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2006 « Mondial » Tanzer 26

There is no more apt way to put it. On Sunday, it was blowing stink! There were actually sailors out there trying to race on both both LDM and LSL. Here is another great report from Pierre Marois on the an annual event in which big wind is the norm. Soon, we shall also have a report on what happened on LSL.

(photo from 2004 event)

The 18th edition of the Mount Gay Rum Tanzer 26 « Mondial » was held last weekend at the Club de Voile des Laurentides. 8 races where scheduled. Five boats from CVL and one from the Club de Voile Baie d’Urfé participated.

Saturday, it rained for a good part of the day! The conditions were foggy with periods of heavy rain, but at least there was wind from the East at 5 to 12 knots. The race committee, under the supervision of Pierre Charbonneau, was able to run 4 races on the East side of the CVL lighthouse before the wind completely died in late afternoon. The competition was close between the top 4 boats and in particular between Roland Marois’ AUTAN and Michel Gauthier’s IDYLLE. Pierre Marois’ 2005 Tanzer 22 North American winning crew was on AUTAN while Patrice Delhaes, the 2006 Tanzer 22 North American champion steered IDYLLE.

After the first day, AUTAN (2,1,1,1) led IDYLLE (1,3,2,3), Claude Daviault’s LAVOIE LIBRE, Camille Bourgeois’ PEGASE, Annie Martin’s MER-VEILLE and LE PERIGOT from BDYC.

Saturday night, a regatta supper was organised by Yvon Chalifour and rainbow trout was served to more than 20 participants! Needless to say, our sponsor’s products were also in evidence during the evening!

On Sunday morning, racers where greeted by 30 knots winds and 4 foots waves in the St-Placide bay. Forecasters predicted that the winds would increase even more during the day and they were right! The first race was run in 30 to 35 knots winds with 40 knots gusts! The Y flag was hoisted and everybody had to wear their PFDs. All T26’s were racing with #3 jibs and single or double reefed mainsails. The race was won by AUTAN in front of IDYLLE and LAVOIE LIBRE. The two other boats scored DNF’s; PEGASE had a ripped mainsail and MER-VEILLE lost a crewmember overboard during the second downwind leg and had to drop sails and start their engine to recover her!

By the end of the race, the winds had increased even more (a steady 35 knots with 45 knots gusts!) and the RC had the good sense to cancel all the remaining races and return the fleet to harbour. The three horns where met with cheers from all remaining participants!

In the overall results, AUTAN finished first in front of IDYLLE and LAVOIE LIBRE and Roland Marois won the Tanzer 26 trophy for a record 8th time. CVL race flags and Mount Gay rum, caps and T-shirt where awarded to the first 3 boats.