Friday, September 29, 2006


Beaconsfield Yacht Club has opened up it's Chilly Bowl regatta to other SLVYRA clubs! This is a Pursuit race. Boats have different starting times depending on their PHRF handicap rating. All things being equal the competitors are expected to finish at the same time. Of course that never happens but the finishes are very exciting.

Register by calling the Club Office (514-695-1272) by Friday, September 29th, or sign up on the list that will be left at the bar all day Friday and Saturday morning. You must register by 11:00 am on Saturday morning.

The course will be announced at the skippers meeting on the Club Deck at 12:30, Saturday, 30th September. The start and finish shall be between inflatable course drop mark and the main BYC breakwater. A spacer buoy may be used off the end of the breakwater. Boats shall not pass between this mark and the breakwater. The race will be started in accordance with Rule 26. Signals will be flown from the breakwater on a flag staff or prominently displayed by the Race Committee.

Warning 1330 hours - (White flag)

Preparatory 1331 hours - (P flag up)

One Minute 1334 hours - (P flag down)

Start – Scratch Boat (s) 1335 hours - (White flag down)

A sound signal will be made for each starter or group of starters. In the event of a premature start, the Race Committee shall endeavour to signal the offending yacht by hailing her sail number. However, it is the responsibility of the skipper to start at the correct time. Starting times will be provided at the skippers' meeting.

Note: Following the race, Chilli will be served in the clubhouse.

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