Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tanzer 22 Class Has Tight Racing on Lake of Two Mountains

It appears that the Tanzer 22s on Lake of Two Mountains have got good quality competition going this season. Pierre Marois, the North American Champion of 2005 has had to fight hard to keep an overall lead in local competition, let alone the class as a whole. It's pleasing to see the competition getting tighter! This leads me to wonder where the local fleet will be in the standings of the Tanzer 22 One Design regattas. I'm guessing podium spots, and high rankings.

Here is what Pierre wrote to me after the Lake of Two Mountains Wednesday Series concluded.

"A few HYC T22's have upped their game this year with new sails (Sloup du Jour, Penny Wise, Shigawac, Maverick, Knot a Clew) and CVL's Turbo and Tohu Bohu are better prepared and really fast too so it is more difficult to always be in front! But it's also more challenging for everybody. I remember the second race of the series, we were sixth at the first mark and finished second; that was hard work! And this last race, we were fourth going into the last leg and again finished second by not much! That's what racing's all about! You learn a lot in these tight situations (make the boat go fast quickly at the start, keep your air clean, find clear lanes, positioning...) Maybe you should bring your T22 up for a few Wednesday races at HYC to see by yourself (15 T22 race OD every wednesday night!!)."

Well, in addition to that kind invitation, there are two big one design opportunities for the Tanzer 22 class locally and one away. (The Nepean One Design was already held in June, and Phil Wilcox showed he's the man to beat this year.) The Montreal One Design at Pointe Claire Yacht Club is next on August 5-6th. Following is Chester Race Week in Nova Scotia for 4 days of ocean racing, August 16-19th. Then, the grand finale will be the Hudson annual regatta on the holiday weekend of Labour Day. The class will participate in both the PHRF long distance race, and have its own one design racing which will be its North American Championship.