Thursday, July 21, 2005

Montreal Sharkies Perform at World Championship (link)

The Shark fleet in Montreal is enjoying a resurgence adding new members to the fleet. They were ably represented at the recent World Championship in Windsor. George Stedman, Rob Levy, and Peter Kelly sailing Ketchup even took a bullet in the 7th race, and placed 5th overall out of 43 boats! Tof Nicoll Griffith, Strudwick, and Nicoll-Griffith placed 20th, Jin Frati with Lehmann and Barnum sailing the well known Blue Heron, took 2nd in a latter race, and placed 21st overall. Paul Baehr sailing the beautiful Sudden Impulse with Maizel and Charrette took 6th in their best and placed 26th overall. The Shark World's, we all know, is a very challenging regatta with many of the best sailors biting at the bit. It appears the Montreal contingent can sail with the best of them.

Montreal Sailing would also like to acknowledge the creativity of the class in boat names. The winning boat sported the name "Shark Poop" and another entry artfully carried the name "Trailer Park Buoys" written in large with black masking tape. The creators of the hit television show "Trailer Park Boys" would be proud, if not litigating.

Link to results: