Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ishkoodah 2005 Preliminary Results

In addition to the usual large numbers of Tanzer 22's and Sharks, there were an impressive showing of 6 Mirage 24s for this distance race. Perhaps they should start a one design class.

Tony McBride has written about the history of the Baie D'Urfe Beaurepaire Cup (aka Ishkoodah). Go to and click on July 23, The Ishkoodah Cup.

Contact me for complete details of results in an Excel spreadsheet format.

1 David Covo from PCYC wins the Yawl Cup
2 Luc Gloutney, PCYC
3 Kurt Brandt, BDYC
4 D. Bienvenu, RStLYC
5 J. Beauregard, IPYC
6 B. Campbell, RStLYC
7 A. Chenier, IPYC
8 H. Hoffman, IPYC
9 P. Flaherty, RStLyc
10 A. Brodeur, BDYC
11 E. Petshe, BDYC

1 George Stedman from PCYC wins the Ishkoodah Cup and Shark Cup
2 B. Parrack, IPYC
3 Don McDonough, PCYC
4 Peter Rahn, BYC
5 Art de Vries, from IPYC, first Mirage 24
6 Peter McBride,RStLYC
7 Bruce Thicke, from PCYC wins the Tanzer Cup
8 Beverly Gilbertson, BYC
9 Bill Cloutier, BDYC
10 Bill Strath, BDYC
11 Tony Waldie, BDYC
12 Jon Austen,BYC
13 Erica Moore, PCYC
14 Olivier Rocher, PCYC
15 Mathieu Crevier, BDYC

1 Marian Milewski, IPYC
2 Taras Iwanycki, BDYC
3 John Foulds, BDYC

White Sail
1 David Wisenthal from BYC wins the white sail division.
2 John Hillsdon, BDYC
3 Laird Glass, PCYC
4 Steve Benedetti, BYC
5 Ben Waring, BYC
6 Hans Krause, PCYC
7 Helmut Langeder, BYC
8 John Umiastowski BYC
9 Keith Brewer, BYC
10 Roger Friolet, BDYC
11 Real Filion, IPYC
12 Lief Quraeshi, BDYC
13 Charles Morris, BYC
14 David Bâby, BYC

1 John Chillcott from IPYC the only dinghy to complete the distance course!