Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Neighbours Series B Update

Daniel Lamb deserves a big thank you for putting together race results this year. The results for GN Series B are now posted on the PCYC website.

(Brian & Madeleine Palfreeman's Etchells)

In PHRF 1&2 Pierre Jasmin’s Etchells is beginning to run away from the fleet. He has two wins out of three, and doesn’t miss a race. Etchells are in all three top spots. Brian Palfreeman is in second, and he also hasn’t missed a race. Keith Matthews is tied for third with Moonraker, a Niagra 26. The Etchells dominate this start line, but there are some other good boats that could break through their fleet.
With three races completed so far there are some predictable, and some interesting results so far.

Robert Levy and Joe Jospe are battling for top Fireball. Each has one DNC (Did Not Compete) out of the three races. When Levy didn’t race, Jospe took 1st. When Jospe didn’t compete, Levy took 1st. In the one race together so far, it was Levy taking the bullet, and Jospe second. Nick Mocchiutti on #13216 is in third with a 2nd, 3rd, and DNC. #13216 is clearly sailed by a hot new duo in the fleet, which includes “Rob” as crew.

In White Sail Toby Jennings’ Tanzer 22 is leading the pack with one bullet and 13 points overall. It is an interesting contest as there are at least three other boats in contention. Helmut Langeder’s Tanzer 22 and a C&C 27, Mandara are tied for second with 15 points. Laird Glass, who picked up third in the last race, is close behind with 18 points. These boats are trading higher and lower placings in each race. New to me is a Grampian 26, “Sawiki”, that has been on the race course each evening.

The second race was a battle of the BIG boats. A C&C 41, Special Effect took first, and Roy Carter’s Alberg 37, Capricorn took second. The sails on these two boats tower over the fleet, and when the wind picks up, Capricorn really finds its stride. The C&C 41 is pretty modern looking, and the Alberg is a genuine classic, both beautiful to watch. Watch out around the marks though!

PHRF 3 is now a three-way battle at the top between the standard bearers of different classes! Leading the way in a Tanzer 22 is Jake Fichten. Next is Shark sailor extrodinaire, George Stedman in Ketchup. Richard and Erica Moore in their Mirage 24 are having a great year, placing third so far in this series. Fourth is Don McDonough in his Shark. You can recognize Don’s Shark via his son who is sporting new red hair. All four of these boats are sailing out of PCYC. However the field is deep, as a number of other Tanzers and Sharks have placed ahead of these boats in some races. These boats are mostly from BYC and PCYC. There is also a hot Tanzer 22 from LRYC, Goin’ Strait who took one bullet. Also easily within striking distance of the top three are John Linton’s Tanzer 22, Encore Une Fois, and the Tanzer 22, Sweet Pea, sailed by Brendan Remenyi, both from BYC. Good sailors are competing throughout this fleet as well. Without a doubt, this is a great contest to compete in!

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