Friday, July 22, 2005

Good Neighbours Series B Begins

July 12th, the second inter-club series has gotten off to a good start with 36 boats racing in four divisions. Winds were light but held up nicely.

A sailor to watch (pictured at right) is Toby Jennings. Toby just began sailing last year, and is pressing the veterans in the white sail division. He took a lot of bullets and top place finishes in the previous series. On this evening he took third. Toby is rigging up his Tanzer 22, #1253 with spinnaker gear, and will be a boat to contend with in that class as well. Racing within the white division, it's been fun to observe three T22s duking it out, Jennings, Laird Glass, and Helmut Langeder. A boat unidentified by the race officials took first on this evening, with the sail #161. Norman Ward's Clair de Lune, a C&C 27 took second.

Jake Fichten's Tanzer 22, Sine Wave, managed to hold off George Stedman's Shark, Ketchup to take the gun in PHRF 3. These boats will be top contenders for the series flag. John Linton's Tanzer 22, Encore Une Fois took third. Linton has been very competitive this year, and will likely press the top boats. The Etchells crowd made a strong showing with 7 boats on the start line for PHRF 1&2. Pierre Jasmin took the first win over "Quill", from Hudson YC.

The Fireballs brought 6 boats to the start line. Joe Jospe took the first win. #13216, second. Kudos must go to Paula Stone who showed the right stuff to place third.

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