Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2 at Shark World's 2011

Day 2 at the Shark Worlds threw different conditions at the competitors in 2 races. The first race of the morning was held in high winds with many boats sporting the blade up front. However, by the time of the second windward leg, the wind was dropping rapidly, and those, like us, with a small sail were in trouble. A good compromise would probably have been the in between 150% genoa, but who can ever figure these things out for sure. In the second race, conditions were very light. On the final run, more wind swept in from behind, allowing the boats farther back to catch up, and compress a very large pack at the finish. The race committee had set a very small finish line, and with the large number of boats not able to fit through, and in several rows, it got very hairy.

Top Montreal boat right now is Nuisance in fifth.


  1. Crazy Ivan, CAN 815, Dave Foy, Jamie Foy, David O'Sullivan, Britannia YC
  2. Bedlam, CAN 723, Kevin Piper, Tom Nelson, Jordin Clark, Royal Hamilton YC
  3. Shark Poop, CAN 1495, Johan Koppernaes, Doug Brown, Michael Lee, Nepean SC
  4. Tiger Niles, CAN 1489, Peter Aker, Jeff Mitchell, Dave Giles, Bay of Quinte YC
  5. *Nuisance, CAN 324, Toby Bryant, Pierre Carpentier, Stephan Waldie, Pointe Claire YC
  6. *Ketchup, CAN 422, George Stedman, Etienne Portelance, Robert Levy, Pointe Claire YC
  7. Freak on a Leash, CAN 185, Jeremy Crowder, Connolly Aziz, Steve Mazza, Royal Hamilton YC
  8. Duck Soup, CAN 1456, John Dakin, Kyle Dakin, Morgan Dakin, Mimico CC
  9. Heavy Fuel, CAN 193, Paul Davis, Matt White, Brandon Tattersall, Kingston YC
  10. Devil in a Blue Dress, CAN 176, John Brunt, Rod Gardner, Andrian Pustam, Ashbridges Bay YC
* denotes Montreal boats 

More windward-leeward racing today, and the distance race is scheduled for tomorrow. The forecast for the rest of the week is light winds.

Thanks to Jen Davies for the photo of us on Ambitious and Judy Weil's Crescendo having it out.