Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1 at Shark World's 2011

The Shark World Championship opened yesterday to strong winds and eager sailors. It was a repeat of yesterday's practice race with a lot of over-early calls, and black flag starts. 54 one-design keelboats all right on the line jostling early for position, and a little current to boot, meant a lot of on-course-side boats. Most boats went left looking for the best combination of pressure, wind direction and current, although going too deep often meant soft spots too. For the runs, there was enough pressure to catch good rides on waves with the right angle, and have great rides. The wind probably hit around 20 knots with plenty of higher gusts, so boats were moving well.

Top ten results:
  1. Shark Poop, CAN 1495, Johan Koppernaes, Doug Brown, Michael Lee, Nepean SC
  2. Ketchup, CAN 422, GeorgeStedman, Etienne Portelance, Robert Levy, Pointe Claire YC
  3. Nuisance, CAN 324, Toby Bryant, Pierre Carpentier, Stephan Waldie, Pointe Claire YC
  4. Heavy Fuel, CAN 193, Paul Davies, Matt White,,Brandon Tattersall, Kingston YC
  5. Crazy Ivan, CAN 815, Dave Foy, Jamie Foy, David O'Sullivan, Britannia YC
  6. Bedlam, CAN 723, Kevin Piper, Tom Nelson, Jordin Clark, Royal Hamilton YC
  7. Cap'n Crunch, CAN 1767, Josh Wiwchartk, Martha Rafuse, Chris Clarke National YC
  8. Eager for More, CAN 1481, Greg Cockburn, Hal Ebert, Andrew Barlow, RCYC
  9. Tiger Niles, CAN 1489, Peter Aker, Jeff Mitchell, Dave Giles, Bay of Quinte YC
  10. Flitatious, CAN 382, Louise Cannon, Ian Brown, Jay Nicholson
Regatta website

Preliminary Results

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