Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GNS critical race tonight!

It's almost race time again this evening, but here is a quick post just to say, oh my gawd, look at the top of the heap in the Good Neighbours Series A racing! The family team on Eclipse is in first place, ahead of the top dawgs on Crisis! Could things be unraveling for the guys on the grey Shark. Has the green Shark shown they now have the right stuff? Are the guys on Crisis experiencing something akin to the boat's name? Will the Rahn family do in the Nicoll-Griffiths and Hugh tonight?

Eclipse is in first place with 4 points, Crisis just a spit behind with 5 points. On top of that, Encore Une Fois and Kaos our tied on points for 3rd and 4th. Who stays on the podium? Who will be toppled? Try and stay calm everyone, because tonight will answer our questions. This is gonna be some race!