Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the Nearer of Afar

There is a Laser clinic going on today at the Mallet's Bay Boat Club. That's on Lake Champlain, an area I have always wanted to sail on. I have a particular fondness for places like Burlington, and Vermont as a whole. However my experiences were of hiking in the Green Mountains not sailing. I have not been to this club, but it appears to be a very busy place. The club is all member run, a positive indicator of the participation. The clinics, courses and private lessons all seem very reasonably priced. Today's clinic is only $35. I occasionally get wind of various regattas and fleets from there. Martin 16, Laser, Lightning are a few examples. At the recent Shark Canadian Championship here, one of the entrants was from MBBC. It isn't really afar at all. More like just a little beyond the neighbourhood so to speak. Mallets Bay is north of Burlington, south of Grand Isle, Colchester. So who knows about this club? Has anyone sailed there? Since some of the Montreal classes also have fleets there, I know there is some cross-pollinating going on!