Thursday, May 27, 2010

Local Racing Begins!

With last week's practice races and Tuesday's first race it appears that low water levels are not enough to prevent the fun from beginning. I was lucky to get out last week on Crisis as our Shark is still being prepared. We had good wind with depowering required in puffs. So far, it appears the upcoming Canadian championship has got the Sharks out shaking off the cobwebs in large numbers. Tuesday this week,10 Sharks raced off the same start with 3 Tanzer 22s.

The Shark Crisis got the gun followed by the Rahn family on the green Shark, Eclipse. John Linton's T22, Encore Une Fois took the third spot. The T22 breaking up the Shark feeding frenzy gives cause to consider John Linton and crew will keep things interesting again this year. Next finishing were the Sharks Nuisance, Chimera and Rub-a-Dub-Dub. Does anyone know what happened to VO 2 Max which DNF'd? Racing took place in 13-20 kph.

A J24, 3366 took first in a mixed PHRF 1 & 2, while  T22, Oasis won the white sails.

I find it fun to keep track of the large fleets and see who Montreal Sailing's Top Dawgs are. With the first race having begun, the first large fleet out there are the Sharks. Tof noted on the Shark email list that lots of Sharks raced, but that the numbers could get even larger with a number of boats still to race. We should have our Shark out next week. Tuesdays are usually the largest attendance so lets track it! Here are the top contenders after the first race:

GNS Shark Points 
1 Crisis
2 Eclipse
4 Nuisance
5 Chimera
6 Rub-A-Dub-Dub
7 Chimera

We'll track any substantive fleet as boats competitors start their season.

BYC did a great job quickly publishing the results which are here.