Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quebec Sailing Federation gives important recognition to our best

Voile Quebec has announced the winners of its annual awards. Many of the names will be familiar to readers of Montreal Sailing. Partly because they have appeared here before. Partly because they are the super heroes of our sailing programs. Either they organize the events we sail in, or they beat the rest of us in those events! How wonderful that Voiles Quebec has recognized the roles they play in making our sport so much more fun. Congratulations to you all from Montreal Sailing. And hey, great job FVQ! Here are the announcements from the FVQ website:


2008 Quebec Sailing Federation Awards Program
The Quebec Sailing Federation nominating committee is proud to present this year’s recipients:

André-Dionne Trophy (volunteer of the Year)
To recognize a member who has contributed to the betterment of sailing in Quebec.
Recipient: Paula Stone
Paula, a longtime volunteer member of the Association québécoise de voile adaptée (AQVA) since its early inception in 1996. In 2008, Paula was the Chairperson of the Mobility Cup, Canada’s premier international Martin 16 regatta. The week-long event drew over 40 athletes from across North America and as far away as New Zealand. Paula has been a role model and inspiration to countless sailors and volunteers who know and work with her.

Claudrey Trophy
This award is to recognize and encourage the sportmanship qualities of a a young Quebec sailor.
Recipients: Gabrielle Laforce, Martin Robitaille
Gabrielle had known all year round worked with doggedness during the races in which she participated for ever manage to finish her races. Gabrielle has learned a sad news on a personal matter at the time of CORK, but nevertheless, she knew how to return and win the regatta. Gabrielle has always set goals for success to improve throughout the year. She is becoming very popular among her teammates of the Quebec sailing team and her team of CVL.

Martin is one of the great who is always there to help others. His sporting spirit and mutual aid makes Martin a person appreciated and loved by all. He is the first on water, participates in all the camps and is among those of the team that trains the most. His greatness of soul is at the height of his 6 feet 4 inches. His participative spirit, sporting and mutual aid developed makes of Martin a person appreciated and loved by all.

Race Officer of the Year
To recognize a member who has been significantly involved in a race management activity which has provided recognition to Quebec sailing and the FVQ.
Recipient: Madeleine Palfreeman
Madeleine was the race official for Mobility Cup, Sail East, the Quebec Cup and the Canadian Championship F18 catamarans in 2008. She also officiated at CORK for the Off Shore Regatta.

Instructor/Coach of the Year
To recognize an instructor or a coach who has contributed exceptionally to a training or a racing program.
Recipient:Olivier Charbonneau
Olivier participated in all major events including the dinghy Championships Laser and Optimist. He has known to allow its 20 athletes to slide in the program of the Quebec sailing team by their performance. He is ending a career of nearly 10 years in sailing.

Club/Sailing School of the Year
This award is to recognize excellence in all programs organized by a club or a sailing school (training, racing, cruising or special event).
Recipient: Club de voile des Laurentides
During the last year, the Laurentian Yacht Club was a club that has been very involved in the province. Whether at the level of his team competition that has grow from year to year or of its sailing school, the CVL was one of the strongest clubs in Quebec. His involvement in the FVQ and dedication during the event organization allowed the club to demonstrate the richness of its members who do not hesitate to get involved to volunteer in sailing.

Event of the Year
This award was established to promote and encourage member clubs to host provincial, national or international regattas. Race management, public and media awareness, as well as innovations in regatta/event management are the principal selection criteria.
Recipient: Mobility Cup 08 PCYC/AQVA
The international regatta brought together 47 navigators divided into two Flotillas and the participation of four countries: Canada, the United States, England and New Zealand. All took part in the competition according to their skill in sailing and not according to their physical disability. The event was an organisational and financial success, which brought together no less than 100 voluntaries to guarantee success. It will have allowed inter alia improving the accessibility of places to the yacht club and preparing the revival of the program of adapted sailing in Quebec City.

“Optimist” Athlete
This award is given to a Quebec “Optimist” sailor who has demonstrated exceptional results and/or improvements within the last sailing season.
Recipient: :Frédérique Tougas
Frederique is an elite athlete in Optimist. She finished 3rd in TRY, 2nd SailEast, best performance from Quebec province at the U.S. National and the ACC's. Finished 14th girl on 92 with the ACC's.

Young Athlete of the Year
Must have a record of outstanding achievement in provincial and/or national competition in the previous twelve months.
Recipient : Olivier Corbeil
Olivier had very good performance in Quebec still finishing first in all events which he participated. In addition, he has achieved a very good performance in the Atlantic Championship in New Jersey (27e/3e Junior), Laser Canadian Championships (15th / 5th Junior) and 2nd at Youth Nationnal. Olivier is an exceptional athlete who has a great talent for sailing.

Special Mention of the nomination Committee:
Geneviève Beaudoin-Cloutier
Genevieve finished 7th at the Canadian Championships and has been ranked 8th in NQR's. She is distinguished by its overall improvement from double to single in less than a year. For the quality of her training program (who is the most committed to her training) and perseverance that won her a marked improvement in her performances in a year and the best quebecois results at NQR: -absolute dedication in her development; -she is ranked 1st girl in elite at NQRs for the 2009 season; -Travel in Europe for two races -excellent shape.

Must have a record of outstanding achievement in national and/or international competition in the previous twelve months.
Recipient : Stéphane Locas
For its Olympic participation in the Games 2008

Sailor of the Year
The Sailor of the Year trophy recognizes an exceptional achievement by a Quebec sailor. The Sailor of the Year trophy is the FVQ’s most prestigious award.
Recipients: Sailors – Retour aux Sources
Return of the Sources was the most important event cruising of pleasure that the Federation set up. As part of the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, it allowed a sixty marine Quebecois sailors to cross the Atlantic starting from Quebec City to La Rochelle in France. A total of 25 boats, including 14 with skippers and crews Quebecois took part in the event. Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulation to all the recipients!

Congradulation to all winners and nominees!

André-Dionne Trophy (volunteer of the Year)
Nominations :

  • André Robitaille
  • Paula Stone

    Trophy Claudrey (Sportmanship)
    Nominations :
  • Gabrielle Laforce
  • Martin Robitaille

    Race Officer of the Year
    Nominations :
  • David Covo
  • Madeleine Palfreeman
  • Patrick Patterson
  • David Pelling

    Instructor/Coach of the Year
    Nominations :
  • Olivier Charbonneau
  • Carmen Denis
  • Nicolas Kim
  • Catherine Lanoix
    Club/Sailing School of the Year
    Nominations :
  • Club de voile Laurentide
  • École de voile Trois-Saumons
  • Pointe-Claire Yacht Club

    Event of the Year
    Nominations :
  • Mobility Cup 08 AQVA YCPC
  • Return of Sources

    “Optimist” Athlete
    Nominations :
  • Evan Berard
  • Caroline De Alcala
  • Fannie De Alcala
  • Tristan King
  • Victor Sullivan
  • Frédérique Tougas
    Young Athlete of the Year
    Nominations :
  • Chanel Beaudoin-Cloutier
  • Geneviève Bougie-Bastien
  • Olivier Corbeil
  • Martin Robitaille

  • Stéphane Locas

    Sailor of the Year
    Nomination :
  • Sailors – Return of the Sources