Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oi! Montreal Sailing goes over 20,000 views!

I would never have thought it! So many people click in on Montreal Sailing. Yesterday, the 20,000th visitor visited the blog. Many people from all over the world regularly check in on the news and pictures. However, what is really stunning is the vast amount of local sailors who read Montreal Sailing. I never realized there were so many of us. A lot of local readers are on the island of Montreal of course. Montreal Sailing is also getting traffic right across the larger region with visits from off-island to the Ontario border, up to the Laurentians, the south shore and eastern townships, and all along the river up to Quebec City and St. Foy. Beyond an easier day's drive, we also have readers from all over Canada and the U.S. Off the continent, readers are sometimes locals checking in while on business or vacation. Other international readers find the blog through searches for a type of boat, regatta, or interesting image. Since Montreal Sailing exists because of a personal passion and the fun of blogging, there is no numbers game or goal here. Yet, it certainly is edifying to know many share our enthusiasm

The local sailing season is complete, but Montreal Sailing will continue to publish over the winter. We'll review the season, talk about classes, keep an eye on southern racing, and of course anticipate the season to come. Hey, it's only 5 months before we start prepping for splash-time.

Check in and drop me a line!