Friday, September 26, 2008


The Laser Class District 2 blog has posted the results of its last regatta. It was held at PCYC last week end jointly with the Fireball Class' Screwball Regatta. They had a good turnout of 10 full rig Lasers and 3 Radial rigs. I noticed Toby Jennings placed 6 in his first season in a dinghy. Also Pierre Jasmin who normally sails a nice stable Etchells took 2nd. Cool. Congratulations to the competitors and organizers. It has to be noted that the Laser Class is a real up and comer in Montreal sailing with a lot of one design regattas to choose from. Click title for full results. It is just great to see affordable racing coming to Montreal!

1 Lisa Pelling

2 Pierre Jasmin

3 Tim Marshall

4 Louis Beauregard

5 Marc Lalancette