Thursday, September 11, 2008

Labour Day's Sunday results

Here are the top results from the Sunday racing of HYC's Labour Day Regatta

J24 Quebec Championship (6 boats)
  1. T. H. Barbeau, Navtech
  2. N. Mabboux, Bay Gull
A perfect 3 wins out of three races for Navtech.

PHRF 1A (8 boats)
  1. Dick Steffan, Uhu
  2. Alan Gray, Slim
  3. Pierre Jasmin, Vivace
Uhu took 2 bullets and a 2nd.

PHRF 1B/2 (4 boats)
  1. Ron Harris, Jazz
3 bullets out of 3 for the aces on Jazz

PHRF 3 (5 boats)
  1. Paul Baehr, Sudden Impulse
Sudden Impulse wins a battle where  only 3 points separated the top 3

White Sail (5 boats)
  1. J. Nasser, Maverick
Again, only a 3 point spread amongst top 3. Shigiwac takes bullets in first 2 races, but suffers a (6)DSQ to take 2nd overall.

Kudos to all the racers who got up the morning after Saturday's long distance race and party. They raced while the rest of us cruised home! (Nothin' wrong with the latter pleasantry either of course!)