Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arrggh, it's the race for rum maties, or a frostie Sunday!

From the PCYC website: "The annual Rum Race is on again and definitely not to be missed by all you skallywags. Or you'll be drinkin' from the bottom of the barrel. Rum's the game and by gawd with rum you'll gain your fame. Sunday Sept 28 11:00 AM start for all!"

I'm torn between this fun race and the first race of the RSt.LYC's Frostbite series - groan. Anyway, I'm going to have fun working on the boat Saturday while listening to the Pogues to mentally prepare myself. Then, it's BYC's outrageous Oyster party in the evening. Hopefully, I won't be too hungover and lacking sleep to make it to one race or the other! If you see me on the racecourse you've been warned! I might be generous and let the crew decide which.