Sunday, March 04, 2007

2006 Orangebowl Youth Training Regatta

Nicola Kim, Head Coach of the Quebec Sailing Federation wrote a report on Quebec's youth team who trained and competed in Florida at the Orangebowl.

"It was a windier event with only the first race on the second day being less than 7knts. A steady north-easterly wind brought slightly cooler temperatures but the sun was strong everyday which led to perfect sailing conditions. Matching up against sailors who had not stopped sailing all year, the Quebec team steadily improved their performance as they got used to the short chop and stronger ocean winds of Biscayne Bay."

Maxime Gagnon placed 22 out of 127 competitors.

"Following the regatta, the team had a day off before the start of a five day FVQ training event. The camp, in conjunction with Ontario and Manitoba, had 16 Radials, 7 Lasers, 6 29ers, and was run by 7 coaches from across Canada. The days were 4-5hrs and very intense with an occasional grind out to the large swells of the open ocean (edge of the Gulf Stream).

Total on water time for the Quebec team was close to 45hrs at the end of the 11 day trip.

Quebec team athletes involved

Chanel Beaudoin-Cloutier
Laurence Bonneau Charland
Dominique Robitaille
Taylor Grant
Stephanie Bobrow
Maxime Gagnon
Martin Robitaille
Myriam Samson-Dô
Lauren Laventure
Kayla Vanderbanck
Anthony Boueilh

Congratulations to all Quebec team members participating in the event!"