Thursday, May 25, 2006

Results for first GNS Race, May 23rd (revision)

The Etchells were the only boats completing the PHRF I course with Pierre Jasmin taking the first bullet of the series away from four other boats.

PHRF III was all Sharks and Tanzers with results being Sharks taking the top three, followed by almost all Tanzer 22s after handicap corrections. Jin Frati was first to finish in his Shark, Blue Heron. John Linton brought the first Tanzer 22 over the finish line. Linton's Encore Une Fois was the only T22 to clip a lone Shark in the results. Montreal Sailing is pleased to see the Tanzer 22 Evergreen back on the racecourse after an absence last year. Welcome back!

3 boats raced white sail with the Mirage 30 Fugue taking the race. No dinghies racing for this outing.

The wind conditions: Speed of wind remained fairly constant varying from 22 km. at the beginning to 19 km. at 9 pm. Direction was a persistent shift from 290 at 7 pm, 300 at 8 pm and 310 at 9 pm. Data as measured at Dorval airport.