Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cramer and Bjorn take 7th

I mistakenly had the impression from the earlier website report that racing had been completed for the Star 2006 Western Hemisphere Championship. Actually, more racing did take place, and Cramer and Bjorn (R.St.L.Y.C.) were in the hunt for a top finish. However, a 19th place finish in the last race with an early race 23rd gave their otherwise consistent top finishes 7th overall out of a fleet of 42. The top three were 1) John Dane, Austin Sperry, 2) Mark Reynolds, Hal Haenel, 3) George Szabo, Eric Monroe. Congrats, and perhaps Montreal sailor Tyler Bjorn will be joining others at the Montreal Bi-Annual Regatta for the Star Class June 17-18th? In any case, the Montreal fleet now has a good number of boats so it should be a good time!