Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good Neighbour Series Starts Tonight

Last Tuesday, was for practice. As of tonight, it’s for points! All boats with a SLVYRA handicap are eligible to race. Boats without one may be assigned a provisional handicap at the discretion of R.C. The racing instructions have been posted.

Class & Flag

Purple - PHRF 1 & 2
Green - T22, Shark, PHRF 3
White - White Sail
Turquoise - Fireball & Centreboards 4.7 m. and higher
Pink - Martin 16 & Centreboards under 4.7 m.
Yellow - Catamarans

The warning signal for evening races is 18:45, for daytime races 10:00. Racing is hosted by BYC and PCYC, but all SLVYRA are eligible