Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Winter Sailing on the hard!

Regular readers of Montreal Sailing will know that at least a few escape to the south to get a sailing fix during the winter. Well you don't have to travel that far, just sail an iceboat. On the other hand, members of the DN Iceboat Class have been known to drive quite a ways in quest of the perfect ice for going fast. Some of them sailed last Thursday, on Lac St. Louis, just off from Beaconsfield. DN Iceboats can reach 100 kilometers an hour, so they can be dangerous. However the only injury reported on their website was poor Andre Baby who broke his ankle while checking the ice prior to sailing. Our condolences! Clicking on the title will bring you to their website, where contacts are listed for those who want a speed fix! The photo is from their website for those unfamiliar with the class.