Sunday, March 05, 2006

North U Seminar at R.St.L.Y.C. - Racing Tactics

Yes, North U is coming to the Montreal area with their seminar on racing rules and tactics. It will be a two day week end seminar on March 25th-26th Everyone I know who has taken their seminars has enjoyed them. They serve as an excellent primer, or refresher, and are the most complete I know of. I took the course years ago on Long Island, and thought it excellent. It has been updated, so I plan on attending again.

North says the course has updated animations of tactics and strategy for starting and each leg of a race course, live action video of good and bad tactics, more coverage of the rules, and what I'm most interested in, "a way cool interactive windshift animator showing the power of proper wind shift strategy both upwind and downwind."

Let me say that as a beginner the material is excellent, but voluminous. The diagrams and easy to read text are super. I highly recommend buying the text before the course. They are also excellent references that you will return to in the future.

The course is being taught by Geoff Moore, who now resides in Toronto where he works as a consultant for North. Best known as a J24 champion, he also holds many dinghy and small keelboat titles. Since working with North Sails he has also done a lot of big boat racing.

For more information, prices, and to register click on the title which is a link to the website. Thank you Dave Cobbett for the heads up!