Monday, August 11, 2014

Shark U.S. Nationals see good Representation from Montreal

 A lot of SLYVRA (St. Lawrence Valley Yacht Racing) members in the Shark Class went to the U.S. National Championship this weekend in the nearby and gorgeous Mallet's Bay, Vermont. A whopping fleet of 10 teams from BYC, CVDM and PCYC sailed their hearts out and performed well in a regatta of 23 entries. Conditions were light but good after a delay, still allowing for 4 highly-competitive races. Sunday, one race was completed but most of the fleet DNF'd. A great regatta was put on by wonderful volunteers and Shark friends. Top three SLVYRA teams were Chimere (BYC, 3nd), Nuisance (PCYC, 4th), Ketchup (maybe 5th or 6th, PCYC, final results still to be posted). 

Our team, sailing on Ambitious, #901 did very well placing 14th overall. This was our only away-regatta this year. Having just club racing thus far for practice, going into a highly-competitive one-design regatta was a good challenge! We managed to best some more competitive boats in 2 particularly strong races. This tells me the team continues to improve, and the sailing just gets better and better. We have some more good challenges coming up. They will all be local, with the most competitive probably being the Coupe du Quebec Shark Championship in September. Collette sailed her heart out as usual, and it was great having our good friend, current competitor, and Team Ambitious alumni, David Bowen on board.

Chimere (BYC) is becoming the Top Dog of Montreal sail teams with their victory at the Trillium regatta in Toronto, and this performance at Mallet's Bay. Look forward to an exciting performance by Chimere when Team Ambitious mid-crew Collette joins Helmsperson Marion (and I believe Toby's daughter on foredeck?) for this week's Womens' National Keelboat Championship hosted by PCYC.

Fellow Montreal Sailing blogger, Etienne sailed with his team on Ketchup. Crackerjack team that they are, I knew they would be a distant speck ahead on the horizon. This summer, I found that we often mange to stay a little ahead during club racing. However, that is contingent on them having their kids on board and either under their feet, or playing on the low side! Well done Ketchup!

All ten SLVYRA teams sailed hard and passionately at this regatta, and it is wonderful to see Montreal teams making our sport so successful.