Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sailweek Begins with BYC Annual

The annual event that is 9 races over 8 days has begun. Saturday, the fun kicked off with the BYC Annual Regatta. This year, we have two Sharks from CVDM joining in on the fun, Grand Blanc and Comfortably Numb. The 2 top places in PHRF 3 were nabbed by extraordinary boats, Ketchup and Nuissance. Notable as they sailed with only one helm and crew each, and they were not regulars as far as I could tell. Sudden Impulse had a great day on the water taking the third place overall. Then came Grand Blanc sailing very well, and kudos to he team on Gray Phantom who really advanced their game to take 4th overall.

The wind reached about 15 knots, which is pretty strong for us if we are carrying the #1 genoa. However, we were fortunate to have Spyros on board , a heavy, strong lad who hauled that sail in with brute force, and helped keep the boat upright. Thanks Spyros! We took 6th overall.

Encore Une Fois (file photo), had some bad luck tearing their #2 genoa in the last race. Normally, we fully expect John and crew to break up the top leaderboard of Sharks with their Tanzer 22. The higher winds favoured the Sharks today, and then the tear droped them back in the final third race.

As usual PHRF 3 is the largest fleet, with mostly Sharks and some others joining the fun. There were indeed other smaller starts too for PHRF 1 &2, white sail, and also dinghies. 7 49ers were out on the course. Great to see the skiffs out! The Rahns also had their brand new Wayfarer on the water and looking very shiny indeed. 

Sailweek continues with evening racing this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and closes with the PCYC Annual Regatta Saturday.