Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Physically Fit to be Mentally Prepared

Recently, I wrote that I am beginning a running "program" to try and improve both physical and mental fitness for sailing. I want to be healthier of course. In particular though, I am interested in increasing my ability to focus and stay sharp. So, I'm interested in the intellectual aspect. Since that post, I have noticed conditioning programs out there. Here is an excerpt from Annapolis Sailing Fitness which I think applies to all sailors and classes alike.

"Think to win
Recruitment of muscle fiber and the ability to function at a higher level separates you physically from your sailing competition. One major consideration is the effectiveness of clear thinking. Advanced exercise helps this process by stimulating blood flow, production of adrenaline and endorphins and most importantly: help in regulating stress and anxiety. Positive attitude, the mark of a true sailing champion, must be practiced as diligently as all the physical exercise combined. A healthy dose of choice reading material and good music can be key in assisting to nourish a good positive attitude. At Annapolis Sailing Fitness we seek to combine the best of both mental and physical conditioning."