Friday, March 20, 2009

Racing Rules For Beginners #9: Boats Converging at the Mark

An inside and overlapped boat (Green A) within three boat-lengths of the mark has the right-of-way. In general, any overlapped outside boat (Red B) must keep clear and give room to any boat between them and the mark.

A boat coming into the mark on Port Tack (Red D) must be able to complete its tack without obstructing the progress of an incoming Starboard Tack boat. If a Starboard Tack boat has to adjust course, you fouled them.

As always with Montreal Sailing, you can click the graphic, and usually get a larger view. This is the eighth post from the Milwaukee Yacht Club's "Basic Sailboat Racing Rules All Racers Should Know". I'm posting segments on a roughly daily basis. - Ralph, Montreal Sailing