Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Give a Dawg a Bone

Given that we have an interest in who the "Top Dawgs" of Montreal Sailing are, lets keep the contest of sorts going. Through the summer, many winners are produced in the various racing series and regattas. It is obvious who the winners are by looking at results. Sometimes, we can glean other top sailors from the racing scene too. For example, in PHRF racing, it is sometimes more interesting to look at the racers in different classes of boats as well as the handicapped score. There are winners in one design regattas, and sometimes they get beaten in another event or series. So, here at Montreal Sailing, we like to award "Bones" to those racers who excel, as the summer progresses. Perhaps, by the end of the season, with a stellar list to publish, we can look at the Bone Awards and decide which are truly the Top Dawgs. If you have nominees, by all means send them in! We shall update the Bone Awards soon.