Sunday, May 25, 2008

Laser Camp starting the season

Toby Jennings and his newly acquired red Laser - Ralph, Montreal Sailing

12 sailors are doing the Laser camp at PCYC this weekend. This photo was taken as they returned from the on the water portion of Saturday. Apparently there was broken and lost gear, but it appears to be a great start to the 2 day camp with coaching, on and off the water, meals, and a BBQ last night, all included. I met sailors from BDYC, PCYC, and Venture Sailing Base, and there were others too. It looks like a very promising start to the Laser class season. Well done Louis! Oh and here's some news. Pierre Jasmin, one of Montreal Sailing's Top Dawgs was there with a Laser too. Apparently, he would like to try some Master Laser regattas. Thanks to Toby's generosity, I hope to get a lesson on his Laser, some practise at Venture, then pick one up myself in the fall.