Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GNS Practice Race

Time to race, not work on the hard! This is my work in progress. Since the photo I have buffed the hull and am currently redoing the keel before dipping into the water and joining the racing.

The first race in the Good Neighbours' Series (GNS) was held last night with the practice race. I'm still ashore working on boats (yeah, plural!), but saw some of the action from BYC's hill overlooking the water. I noted Peter Rahn's green Shark looking like a boat to beat, as he was doing very well at the front of the pack. Apparently, a lot of skippers thought they may not have finished the course properly. Unusual for a GNS race, a gate seemed to be in place. At least so it appeared from shore. Many skippers worried that they did not finish on the correct side of a leeward mark, but there seemed to be quite a bit of confusion. A check of the sailing instructions online, both at PCYC and BYC do not show a gate or any variation from the usual courses and finishing. So, perhaps my view from ashore was not accurate. However, there is a note on the club websites mentioning an amendment to the instructions, though they are not actually available online. Perhaps they are at the club offices in paper form.