Monday, February 11, 2008

Day Four Report - LASER WORLDS

Pic from regatta website
Report from CYA website:

DAY FOUR LASER WORLDS – Six Races completed

Report Date: Monday February 10, 2008
By: Tommy Wharton

It took a 9:30 am start (and a 7:30 coaches meeting!) to get three much needed races in to salvage the qualification series at the 2008 worlds. After having only three races after three days, the Race Committee took no chances and had all the sailors out extra early to take advantage of a promising weather window. The wind co-operated and three very long (almost 80 minute) races were completed. A drop was introduced after five races, so the splits for Gold, Silver, and Bronze are now done. For Canadians, the 08’ worlds is their respective Olympic trials, so many Canadians were vying to move up the leader board as well as make the cut into Gold fleet. Of the nine entered, only four sailors are left, and they include Abe Torchinsky, Mike Leigh, Bernard Luttmer, and David Wright.

Last year’s World Champion and Terrigal/Gosford native Tom Slingsby, now leads the event after a very consistent day. Currently he is dropping a 5th, an amazing result as it has been very difficult to be consistent due to the variable conditions found so far. Top Canadian remains Abe Torchinsky, who posted two solid races, a 12th and an 11th. In the last race, Abe was in the running for another top 10 but was herded to the wrong mark by the race leaders. By the time he figured out the correct course, it was too late and this is the reason for his deep last race (a 45th). Still, Abe has been on fire, and sailing his best to remain amongst the top group here. Three Canadians posted their best results of the series so far with Mike Leigh racing to a 4th, Bernard Luttmer to a 5th, and Dave Wright to a 5th.

So basically a new regatta begins. Six races over the next three days, with only one drop to be taken in gold fleet. It is not unheard of to sail an average day yet still post a 30, 35. The forecast over the next few days is showing more of a standard sea breeze direction, but anything is possible as the weather has been unpredictable at best. Stay posted for further updates.

Results after 6 races (157 boats)
1st Tom Slingsby AUS – 11pts
2nd Julio Alsogaray ARG -15 pts
3rd David Weaver NZL - 17 pts

Canadian Results
17th Abe Torchinsky – 43 pts
33nd – Mike Leigh – 65 pts
35th – Bernard Luttmer – 67 pts
48th – David Wright – 82 pts

65th- Mike Kalin
79th – Luke Ramsay
92nd – Chris Dold
110th – Anthony Boueilh
121st – Lee Parkhill

Report by Tommy Wharton
National Team Coach
Canadian Yachting Association