Friday, February 01, 2008

Cramer & Tyler second from right in the Star Class this week in Miami. Pic by Dan Nerny

Overall results for leading Canadians as of the end of yesterday at Miami OCR.

Name, Class, Place, (Fleet size)

  • Paul Tingley, 2.4 Class, 3 (25)
  • Robert Davis, Laser Standaed, 7th (23)
  • Lisa Ross, Laser Radial, 12th (39)
  • McRoberts/Louttit, Scud 18, 3rd (10)
  • Kelly/Terlson/Shaw,Sonar, 10th (11)
  • Cramer/Bjorn, Star, 39th(65)
  • Bury/Henderson/Abbott Yngling, 24th (28)
The heroes of Montreal Sailing are the Montreal area sailors of the Laser Radial class. They are Nicole Bastet, Genevieve Bougie-Bastien, Laurence Bonneau-Charland, and Jessica Lombard. So far, Nicole Bastet is leading the pack. Jessica Lombard has moved out of the fleet's cellar, a position I also know all to well! May I say to all, have fun, keep racing, and don't worry, the performance will come! You're there because you're already on the way!