Thursday, July 12, 2007

Storm yesterday but Sailweek continues tonight

Click the title for results from Tuesday. Wednesday evening's race was canceled due to the electrical storms prowling about. So tonight should be a big night! Everyone will be attempting to keep overall positions or settle scores! Others know it is a beautiful day, and the wind is going to be great. It'll be a perfect day for sailing.

Looking at the results, a few things caught my eye. Shelley Dorfman was hot Tuesday picking up 4th in his T22, "Goin' Strait" love that boat name. I believe Barry Goodz was also crewing on Goin' Strait. Richard and Erica Moore are having a great season on their Mirage 24, Ariel, #123. They picked off boats that should have had the advantage on Tuesday. Thinking of some of the battles in that race, and the results... I'm thinking, sail clean, stay out of trouble, and you could do well boys and girls.

A Laser 28 which I don't recall seeing, won the PHRF 1 class, #209, "Above". Perhaps the owner is of a religious persuasion? Congratulations on the victory and Godspeed! The Etchells crowd were also broken up by a pretty J80, Fast Company. Watch out, the McBrides are BACK!!! Nicholas Mabboux also broke in with his J24. Another pretty boat has appeared on the water, a J100! Wow, the water must have gotten deeper. The first Etchells across was Quill, #613. Bravo, Michel Litee!

Rob Levy continues to master the Fireballers, but Paula Stone moved to mid-fleet, enjoying the lighter wind game.

In the white sail class, Roy Carter had his heavy Alberg 37 moving very fast despite the light winds, and finished very well. It was impressive to watch. Watch out when the wind picks up. Who was the white sail winner, #50640? Is that Dan's big C&C?

Clearly, Tuesday night was an upset in each of the classes as different winners and competitors were coming to the fore. I'm sure, even the usually dominant sailing forces welcome the competition, and will be looking to reassert their rule over the unruly pack tonight.

In my PHRF 3 class, watch out for MegaloDon amongst the Sharkies, and Sine Wave in the Tanzer 22 class. They tend to move to the front when the breeze is sufficient for their talents.