Friday, July 06, 2007

HYC-CVL-CVMO Wednesday night races – Spring series

Here is a report for Montreal Sailing readers from Pierre Marois on how the first series has turned out on Lake of Two Mountains! - Ralph

The July 4th race marked the end of the Good Neighbour Spring series for Hudson YC, CV Laurentides and CV Marina d’Oka racers. Seven races where held on Lake of Two-Mountains in the area between HYC and CVL. A total of 33 boats participated in 3 PHRF classes. In PHRF 1-A, Etchells were racing against J27 and J29, in PHRF 1-B and 2, J22 and J24 raced against Niagara 26 and in PHRF 3, Tanzer 22 raced C+C 24 and C+C 25. There was tight competition in each race and many different winners in all classes. For the series standings, 2 drop races were allowed out of the 7 results.

In PHRF 1-A, “Sherlock”, Cork Winter’s J27 won the series with 7 points (3 wins). “Perceval”, Claude Robitaille’s J29 was second with 9 points (2 wins), and “Chevalier Mythic”, Serge Bouthilier’s J29 was third with 15 points. The Etchells “Quill” and “Still Lost Boys” both won a race in this series.

In PHRF 1-B and 2, “Jazz”, Ron Harris’ J22 dominated the class with 6 points (4 wins). “Red Coat”, Ross Tellier’s Niagara 26 was second with 13 points (2 wins), and “High Strung”, Dave Cobbett’s J24 was third with 13 points (1 win).

In PHRF 3, 16 Tanzer 22’s raced almost as a One Design class (except for one C+C 24 and one C+C 25) and all the races were very close between the top 5-6 boats. Lead changes were frequent as tactics and strategy played a big part in the end results. Many races saw the first 4-5 boats finish within the same minute. In the series standings, “Turbo” Patrice Delhaes’ T22 was first with 8 points (2 wins), “Penny Wise” Trevor Collins’ T22 was second with 9 points (3 wins), and “Coquine” Pierre Marois’ T22 is third with 15 points (2 wins).

The Summer series (8 races) will start on July 11th and will end with the August 29th race. On that occasion, the “Good Neighbour series” after race party and prize giving ceremony will be held at CVL and all participants are invited. Awards will be given to the top three boats in each class. Beer and Pizza will be served.