Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jud Smith, Dirk Kneulman, et al take the big prize today

Jud Smith who has twice been to Montreal to help the budding Etchells fleet, has won the 2006 Etchells World Championship. Sailing with him were the 1998 World Champ, Canadian Dirk Kneulman, an Optimist sailor and an Optimist coach both from New Zealand. Yup, a team of four. Jud had earlier praised the Optimist sailor as doing a great job up front.

Dirk said he was very happy for their victory because Jud has been the best Etchells sailor for a long time. Jud thought that he didn't deserve to win the previous year because they were good below 15 knots, but too slow, and less able in heavy winds. Now, after a year long campaign, they've got everything right.