Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Guylaine Bossé Cruising in Mexico

Montreal Sailing is always envious of those who manage to extend their sailing season by heading south after we haul our boats here. Guylaine is one such Montreal sailor. She is currently in Bahia Turtugas, which I think is a small town somewhere around the Turtle Bay in Mexico. The super photo is of Guylaine after a night shift. They sailed from San Diego to San Francisco, then along with the Baja Rally.

Of course, sailing is a pastime where things easily go wrong, and sometimes beyond what you can do, or prepare for. An unfortunate experience ended their sailing. While at anchor, a large motorboat operating on autopilot t-boned their yacht. The sailboat is apparently no longer seaworthy. Guylaine, and her skipper Pierre Alain suffered no injuries, though obviously it must have been quite a shock.

Guylaine wrote "The little village where we are is wonderful, the people are so SO friendly..and everybody somehow heard about our adventures."

The skipper and crew are making arrangements for insurance, and still intent on exploring the Baha area. Montreal Sailing is relieved that they are well, and hope Pierre Alain can now get a spectacular new yacht to cruise again!