Saturday, October 29, 2016

Johann Tanzer: January 3, 1927 - October 23, 2016

The work of Johann Tanzer was significant. Like many, his products played a role in how I have spent a significant part of my life. My first keelboat, a Tanzer 22 was, and is, the most popular racer/cruiser in the Montreal area. There are more Tanzer sailboats here than any other. Many different Tanzer models were built from 16' to well over 30'

Tanzer's boats, as many of you know, were so heavily and solidly built, that they will outlive us all. Most sailors have spent time, perhaps a lot of time, sailing on Tanzers. Indeed, for many, the Tanzer brand developed a cult following. The Tanzer 22 was successful for being practically bullet proof, but also because it did everything quite well. A spacious boat for a simple overnight at Dowker's Island, a delightful, quick sail in light wind races, a massive spinnaker to pass many on downwind legs, and the most spacious cockpit around for parties! Yup, the Tanzer 22 does it all, and I continue to have just such experiences with friends who continue to sail them here.

Whatever boats we sail, Johann Tanzer's contribution to sailing was huge, and the impact can still be felt today. All of us can thank him for the many people who have experienced sailing thanks to him. Tanzer has broadened the popularity of our sport and made racing and cruising with our friends so much popular, accessible, and fun.

Cheers Johann.

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