Saturday, August 27, 2016

Last evening race of the Good Neighbour Series

This great photo was taken by David Speak after the race finished.

We have done our last evening race on Ambitious for 2016. It was a good one. We were first of the Shark pack to finish, less than a foot ahead of Jin Frati's Shark team. John Linton's Tanzer 22 took first, we were second.

A ruckus in the pack occurred at the final windward mark rounding. David Bowen's Shark tacked to avoid a collision. That caused quite the stir as the tack caused him to cross a pack of Sharks closing in on the mark. A protest will be heard over it on Sunday, after the day's racing.

We are 2nd overall for the series, and tied on points with Mike Anderson. The protest hearing could change Mike's score and will determine whether we are 2nd or 3rd ultimately. It's all part of the drama.