Saturday, November 23, 2013

Robert Scheidt wins 2013 Laser World's

In Montreal it seems that just a small number of people are sailing the Laser. It is solo boat, intensely physical, very simple, just one sail. Perhaps that is why many people choose other craft. Perhaps that is why those who do choose it here are so devoted to it. In any case, I can't help but note an extraordinary accomplishment by a Laser sailor about as far away from Montreal as my mind can get.

Robert Scheidt has just won the 2013 Laser World Championship being held in Oman. That in itself is an extraordinary feat. What really blows me away is that Scheidt has won this Olympic class event for the ninth time, after an absence of nine years (he sailed the Star during that time) and he is 40 YEARS OLD!

Robert Scheidt has returned to his Laser roots after the Star got dropped from the Olympic roster. A Brazilian, he is aiming to compete in the Laser class when the next Summer Olympics are held in Rio. I will be rooting for him! As for the good 'ol boys and girls sailing Lasers here in Montreal, many as Masters (older age division), I am rooting for them too!