Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sailweek, the pleasures of summer

Sailweek ended yesterday in a pleasant if anti-climatic form. In the sport of sailing, sometimes you don't get to sail. The great thing about the camaraderie and social side of the sport is that it doesn't have to mean the fun ends. Nary a wisp of wind was felt as we bobbed around the RC boat. Before long, Mike Andersen had his anchor down and boats were rafting up together. Out came refreshments, snacks, and a lot of pleasant connections among the sailing fraternity that is BYC and PCYC.

Today's closing event of Sailweek was to be the BYC Annual Regatta. The event was not a failure despite the lack of racing. One sailor put it this way: It doesn't quite feel like summer is on until there is an afternoon on the water, with no wind. Think about it, it's true. Every season, if you sail often enough, inevitably a day comes along when you are out there, wanting to race, and the wind doesn't show up. That simply makes it a time to connect with crew and competitors. On this occasion it was a time of bright sun, swimming, laughter.

Oh yes, the winners of Sailweek... the same teams as in yesterday's post!