Saturday, March 30, 2013

Incredible Storm


Sometimes, sailing on our little Lac St. Louis is the best little place. Yes, there are big seas to explore and faraway places, famous long-distance races to conquer. But...

When the ocean looks like this picture, I am happy on little Lac St. Louis and Lac Des Deux Montagnes with safe club harbours a short sprint away! The photo is the entire breadth of the Atlantic Ocean being consumed by a mega-sized storm right now. Not only is is huge with no where to run, but it is powerful. It's force is being compared to a category 3 hurricane. Yes, this is the storm that weather reports are talking about in Newfoundland. The same storm is bordering Portugal. It extends north to Greenland, and sweeps south to the Caribbean.

We are now starting spring. I will enjoy prepping the boat, continuing its process of refurbishment and improvement. While working away, I will be anticipating day sails, races to come soon. Whatever the weather, I know I will always be 2 to 3 kilometers or less from the safe harbours of one of our neighbourly clubs.

Enjoy are little playground friends!